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History of the city of Boynton Beach , Florida

Boynton Beach Florida - Another of the coastal cities of Palm Beach County, Florida, Boynton Beach has a population of approximately 67,000.
            Thought to have been originally settled by native Indians of the Jeaga tribe in around 600BC, the area would have been an inhospitable place. The hunter gatherer Jeaga tribe survived in the region until the early 18th century, when they died out and were replaced by the better known Seminole Indians who migrated to the area from Georgia in around 1716.
            The more documented history of Boynton Beach begins in 1894 when a former Civil War major named Nathan S. Boynton visited the area looking for a winter retreat from his native Michigan, when he spotted Boynton Beach he fell in love with it and later built a hotel there called the Boynton Beach Hotel.
            What obviously attracted Boynton was the fabulous climate (with year round sunshine), superb beaches and rich, fertile soil, ideal for the cultivation of a wide range of fruit and vegetables.
            One quaint piece of history which is also associated with Boynton Beach is that of the ‘Barefoot Mailman’ who traversed the beach on his way from Palm County to Lemon City, on foot to deliver mail in the days before roads and railways came to the area.
            At around the same time that Nathan S. Boynton first set foot on Boynton Beach, the Florida East Coast Railway was being constructed by Henry Flagler, bringing prosperity to the area and providing transport for the newly cultivated fruits and vegetables.
Boynton Beach Inlet

            Boynton Beach was officially incorporated as a city in 1920 but remained a relatively unknown tropical paradise until after the Second World War, when the city grew steadily up until the present day.
            The population was 60,389 at the 2000 census. As of 2006, the city had a population of 66,714 according to the University of Florida, Bureau of Economic and Business Research. The Town of Boynton itself took the name "Boynton Beach" in 1941. 

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Boynton Beach Casino

Boynton Beach Highway
Boynton Beach Florida

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