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Boynton Florida Real Estate Market

Boynton Beach, Florida (population- 68,284 as of July 2006 (U.S. Census Bureau) has been the ultimate destination for those who want to experience a sunny and warmer climate. It is also the third largest city in Palm Beach County. It has been both known as the Gateway to the Gulfstream. Living in Boynton, which situated in the cozy Palm Beach County, seems to be like being in a tropical paradise. The city is definitely the right place for seafood lovers, water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, or simply for those who want peace and quietude from the hasty lifestyle of the metros. Boynton Beach offers the best beaches, hotels, parks, shopping areas, restaurants, and more.

For the past years, more and more people have moved to Boynton Beach because of its suitable location. The city’s real estate market (both in home buying and renting) has been improving throughout the years. Boynton Beach real estate offers many waterfront communities on the Intracoastal, luxury homes and estates, and “old Florida” style-homes. The city is also home to many parks and recreational facilities that host events and attractions all year long such as the Art Center, Civic Center, and the Junior Community Center. It is also continually progressing as a very family oriented community. Some of Boynton Beach’s best communities are the following: Las Palmas Landing, Sutton Place Hunters, Isles, Frantz Pelican Beach, Harbor Estates, Boynton Isles, Cocoa Pine Estates, Hills at Lake Eden, Tivoli Reserve, Lee Manor Isles, Pine Tree Golf Club, Valencia Isles, and Wyndsong Isle Estate.
Boynton Beach home
Business and tourism in this place has been always good plus Premium insurance discounts can be availed by homeowners through home inspection programs. Today, the different infrastructural development of the city constantly invites investors. Additionally, in the present, average price per square foot for Boynton Beach FL was $87, a decrease of 23% compared to the same period last year. The median sales price for homes in Boynton Beach FL for Nov 10 to Jan 11 was $125,000 based on 643 home sales. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median home sales price decreased 24.2%, or $40,000, and the number of home sales decreased 17.4%. There are currently 2,251 resale and new homes in Boynton Beach on Trulia, including 24 open houses, as well as 2,504 homes in the pre-foreclosure, auction, or bank-owned stages of the foreclosure process. The average listing price for homes for sale in Boynton Beach FL was $241,068 for the week ending Feb 02, which represents a decrease of 0.5%, or $1,269, compared to the prior week.
Boynton Beach Real estate

Climate and Storm History of Boynton Beach, Florida

Boynton Beach, a city in Palm Beach County in the southeastern part of Florida, has a tropical climate. The city’s climate makes it a residential and tourist center. Facing to the Atlantic Ocean, Boynton has a number of marinas, fishing piers, and beaches. It also has a warm and sunny atmosphere which invites many tourists from visit the place to especially during winter. For the whole year, the average temperature is 74.5 degrees. On the other hand, the average during summer temperature of Southeastern Florida ranges from 32- 34°C while in winter the temperature decreases up to 13°C.

Although the Boynton Beach is closer to the tropics, it has fewer very hot days each summer than in other cities. Additionally, it has an average monthly precipitation is above 60 millimeters (2.36 in). Snow in Florida is also a rare occurrence but in January 19, 1977, a very uncommon phenomenon happen when snow fell over much of the state.

However, Boynton’s natural treasures are frequently attacked by hurricanes. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean Sea, hurricanes frequently strike Florida. These hurricanes bring strong winds, heavy rains, and high seas which causes tremendous damage to infrastructures, properties, and even lives. It usually occurs during June 1 to November 30, although others come off these months. Based on the records, over 114 hurricanes, 37 of them major have hit Florida from 1851 to 2006. Almost 83% of the major hurricanes in the United States have struck the state. In fact, since 1851, the Sunshine state have experience a hurricane-free year for only eighteen hurricane seasons. The first recorded tropical cyclone to affect Florida occurred in 1523, when two ships and their crews were lost along the western coastline. In 1935, the Labor Day Hurricane, the strongest hurricane recorded in the United States, strike Florida with a pressure of 892 mbar (hPa; 26.35 inHg). Subsequently, during 1950 to 1974, about 85 cyclones have smashed the state which resulted to $6.2 billion in damage. In this period, the hurricanes named Donna and Dora were the most devastating. Other major cyclones that have hit Boynton are Hurricane Easy, Cleo, Betsy, King, and Isbell. Moreover, from 1975 to 1999, over 83 tropical/subtropical cyclones hit the state which resulted about $45 billion in damage. 54 casualties were also recorded. The most destructive of all these hurricanes is the Hurricane Andrew that hit during 1992 which remains as the second costliest hurricane of all times.
hurricane Andrew
Other major hurricanes recorded in this period are Hurricanes Eloise, David, and Opal. Lastly, from 2000 to present, as of 2007, 58 tropical/subtropical cyclones affected the state of Florida. As an effect, the total damage of the storm was $64 billion. In the same period, Hurricane Charley, the strongest hurricane in the United States devastated Florida. Other major storms are hurricanes Jeanne, Ivan, Dennis, and Wilma. In fact, Hurricane Wilma struck Boynton Beach on Monday, October 24, 2005, causing widespread damage to homes and businesses.

Damages made by Hurricane Dennis

Top Boynton Beach Florida Restaurants

If you happen to visit Boynton Beach, try to explore its numerous restaurants that serve diverse cuisines like Thai, Italian, Japanese, American, Chinese, Mexican, and of course Seafood restaurants.

Suppose you’re looking for an authentic Asian food adventure. Well, you don’t have to go to Asia because in Boynton, many restaurants that serve Asian cuisines can be found. First, we have the Try Thai by Pat, a small yet lovely decorated restaurant which caters traditional Thai foods like coconut shrimp or golden fingers (fried sweet potatoes), savory curries or delectable stir-fries, sipped on the unique Thai iced coffee. Second, we have the Chinese Lane Restaurant features 178 Chinese dishes. Most clients can already enjoy a great dinner for a cost of $10 - $25. Additionally, for sushi lovers, two Japanese restaurants namely Sushi Jo and Sushi Simon are in this city.

sushi from Sushi Jo
 Another great restaurant in Boynton is the Boynton Beach Ale House which has a catchphrase of "a 'reel' great place to catch a good time." "Catch" the very popular Zingers, their boneless hot wings with your choice of sauce. Wet your whistle with a selection from the full-service bar, with a choice of more than 75 beer varieties. Or please your sweet tooth with the decadent Captain Jack's ice cream cake. On the other hand, if you want to hangout and eat some steaks, then take a look at Longhorn Steak House.

Official Longhorn Logo
This steakhouse is quite famous in Boynton. Its appetizers include Texas onion, BBQ entrees like rocky top chicken, various steak cuts (filet, rib eye, prime, rib, strip, etc.), plus salmons and shrimp dishes. For desserts, they also have chocolate stampede and golden nugget fried cheesecake. But, aside from Longhorn,  the Fifth Avenue Grill steakhouse is a  fine dining steakhouse that was the first in the area to offer prime steaks in a classic Chicago style fine dining atmosphere. Since then many steakhouses have opened up in the area, but as the locals know, Fifth Avenue Grill was the first, and still the best to offer Great Steaks at a fair price. Well, if you prefer to have a romantic Italian dinner with your loved one, Boynton Beach has the Da Vinci Italian Restaurant. In this restaurant, experienced staff serves the best Italian delicacies in large servings like Cheese Ravioli with meat sauce, Eggplant Rollatini & Spaghetti, Veal & Peppers & Spaghetti, Mussels Marinara red or white sauce-fresh mussels sautéed with white wine, Baked Clams Oreganata one dozen fresh littleneck clams topped with seasoned bread crumbs, and so on.  You can also try sea foods at the city’s well-known Prime Catch restaurant. You can visit this wonderful restaurant for lunch and dinner and enjoy recipes of fresh fishes, lobsters, other sea foods and steaks.  They specialize in Yellowtail Snapper, Maine Lobster, and Grouper that are freshly catch in the city’s fishing piers.  Prime Catch's wine cellar has an inventory of over 3,000 bottles to choose from.

Prime Catch Night
Now, if you want to see the restaurant that has been a landmark of the city since 1978.  The owners and staff take great pride in offering an “Authentic Florida Experience” for both locals and tourists seeking fresh seafood, fun appetizers, sandwiches and cocktails, at reasonable prices, overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway at East Ocean Avenue.

Banana Boat Restaurant and Lounge

Indeed, Boynton Beach has a variety of restaurants to choose from that are truly good in terms of the cuisine, affordability, and ambiance. 

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Fun Activities and Historic Landmarks of Boynton Beach , Florida

The City of Boynton Beach, also known as “The Gateway to the Gulf Stream," is a coastal city located in a rapidly growing area of Palm Beach County. This simple yet wonderful city is proud for its warm climate, beautiful white sand beaches, numerous golf courses, parks, tropical gardens, fishing area, and more. 

Going to Beach
 Now, let’s start with the beaches. In Boynton, you can choose a lot of beach resorts. All of these have extraordinary features and facilities. Here are some of the city’s pristine beaches: Sun Dek Resort, Emeral Shores Resort, and Courtyard Boynton Beach.  Now, if you want to go fishing in Florida’s Gulfstream, it is totally possible for you to catch sailfish, bluefish, marlin, black-fin tuna, red snapper, king mackerel, sheepshead, yellowtail snapper, wahoo, pompano, and a lot more.  

Boynton is really the city wherein you can experience a lot adventures like snorkeling,
swimming, and scuba-diving to the excursions to the reefs and wrecks of Boynton Beach.

 On the other hand, if you’re a nature lover, then the natural parks of Boynton is the perfect place for you. In Boynton, you can explore the orchids and tropical gardens at Albert and Brothers, and know more about wildlife at Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Nat’l Wildlife Refuge and Mangrove Nature Park, Ocean Inlet Park, Gulfstream Park, Forest Hill Park, Boat Club Park, Pioneer Canal Park, Boynton Lakes Park and more. In these parks, you can bring your family and friends and have fun with its facilities. Here, you can do boating, biking, play basketball baseball, and softball, have picnic, But if you’re a fan of golf, then Boynton Beach is the city you must visit. It has numerous golf courses that are fun, interesting, and challenging. For beginners, a practice area is also available. Some of Boynton’s best golf courses are The Links, Cypress Greek Golf Club, Pine Tree Golf Course, The Family Course Golf Course, Quail Ridge Country Club, and Boynton Beach Municipal Golf Course.
Aside from playing golf, you can also enjoy tennis at the Tennis Center which boasts for its four composite courts and the Har-Tru court. Another cool thing to do in the beaches here in Boynton is to play beach volleyball. Museum can also be found in Boynton. In fact, a famous historical museum is located here – the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum. This museum features interactive exhibits, workshops, guest presentations, and group visits that inform students about the life of early Florida Pioneers before the days of computers, cell phones, televisions, or even cars. 

After you visit these places, take time to go shopping at these malls and stores namely Boynton Beach Mall, Renaissance Commons, Boynton Beach Promenade, Mark-Fore and Street Plaza, and Oakwood Square. Likewise, you can also visit the Mizner Park wherein designer shops, restaurants, and boutiques are luxurious housed in Spanish Architecture.
Everything in Boynton, the beach, the museums, the parks, and shopping centers are all absolutely amazing. A day in Boynton is a day full of adventures, fun, and learning. Indeed, a vacation in Boynton Beach is a great way to relax and take a break from the hasty life of modern living.

City of Boynton Beach, Florida General Info

Boynton Beach is a city belonging to the Palm Beach County, Florida, USA. It is also the principal city of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area.  This city is known as the Gateway to the Gulf Stream.
logo of Boynton Beach


Map of Florida highlighting Boynton Beach
Boynton Beach has a total area of 16.25 square miles (42 km²). It has a land area of 15.88 square miles (41 km²) and a water area of .37 square miles (1 km²), according to the United States Census Bureau.


In 2000, the city’s total population was 60,389 consisting of 26,210 households, and 15,673 families residing in the city. It is highly populated place with a density of 3,803.5/mi² (1,468.3/km²). But in 2006, the census reaches up to 66,714 according to the University of Florida, Bureau of Economic and Business Research. The people of Boynton Beach comprise Whites (70.36%), African American (0.22%), Native American (1.52%), and Asian (0.05%). As of 2000, speakers of English accounted for 80.09% of all residents, while French Creole comprised 7.51%, Spanish was at 7.30%, French consisted of 1.02%, Italian at 0.97%, and German made up 0.87% of the population. 

Boynton Beach

Additionally, Boynton Beach had the twenty-eighth highest percentage of Haitians in the US, with 6.50% of the city's population.

Boynton Beach’s economy prospered with the services sector as it major contributor. Finance, insurance, real estate and retail trade comprised the service sector. A great factor that has helped increase these markets is Boynton’s tourism.  The median income for a household in the city was $39,845, and the median income for a family was $47,546. In addition, Males had a median income of $32,503 while females have $26,399. The city has a per capita income of $22,573. However, the poverty line of the population has a significant percentage of 7.4% (for the families) and 10.2% of the entire population.


Cool Beach of Boynton

Since Boynton Beach is in the state of Florida, the climate is warm and sunny all year round. However, hurricanes strike the state usually between August and October.  The temperature during summer reaches up to 32°C while during winter it reaches up to 22°C.Additionally, the average temperature of the city during January is 0.39 while July it is 4.66.


Boynton Beach Florida is a city in the southern part of the sunny state, Florida. It has great hotels like the Holiday Inn and Suites,Hampton Inn, Golden Sands Inn, and more. 

Seashore of Boynton Beach

The city also boasts for its white-sand beaches, and rich natural diversity. In fact, it has a spacious tropical garden at Alberts & Merkel Brothers and the beautiful and educational Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee Nat’l Wildlife Refuge and Mangrove Nature Park. In Boynton, you can also go snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, and saltwater fishing. For tourists who love sports, they can also enjoy golfing with the city’s numerous golf courses. For tennis enthusiasts, composite courts at the Tennis Center can also be found in the city.

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History of the city of Boynton Beach , Florida

Boynton Beach Florida - Another of the coastal cities of Palm Beach County, Florida, Boynton Beach has a population of approximately 67,000.
            Thought to have been originally settled by native Indians of the Jeaga tribe in around 600BC, the area would have been an inhospitable place. The hunter gatherer Jeaga tribe survived in the region until the early 18th century, when they died out and were replaced by the better known Seminole Indians who migrated to the area from Georgia in around 1716.
            The more documented history of Boynton Beach begins in 1894 when a former Civil War major named Nathan S. Boynton visited the area looking for a winter retreat from his native Michigan, when he spotted Boynton Beach he fell in love with it and later built a hotel there called the Boynton Beach Hotel.
            What obviously attracted Boynton was the fabulous climate (with year round sunshine), superb beaches and rich, fertile soil, ideal for the cultivation of a wide range of fruit and vegetables.
            One quaint piece of history which is also associated with Boynton Beach is that of the ‘Barefoot Mailman’ who traversed the beach on his way from Palm County to Lemon City, on foot to deliver mail in the days before roads and railways came to the area.
            At around the same time that Nathan S. Boynton first set foot on Boynton Beach, the Florida East Coast Railway was being constructed by Henry Flagler, bringing prosperity to the area and providing transport for the newly cultivated fruits and vegetables.
Boynton Beach Inlet

            Boynton Beach was officially incorporated as a city in 1920 but remained a relatively unknown tropical paradise until after the Second World War, when the city grew steadily up until the present day.
            The population was 60,389 at the 2000 census. As of 2006, the city had a population of 66,714 according to the University of Florida, Bureau of Economic and Business Research. The Town of Boynton itself took the name "Boynton Beach" in 1941. 

More pictures of Boynton Beach:

Boynton Beach Casino

Boynton Beach Highway
Boynton Beach Florida